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About CREED Strategies

Creed Strategies is a consulting team with diverse experts serving school districts, non-profits, government agencies, private entities, and philanthropy. Creed is dedicated to enhancing social transformation through an education, social justice, and racial equity approach to development, collaboration, and capacity building. Specializing in education, community development, collective impact, strategic planning, and grant preparation, Creed works with our partners to identify and develop sustainable equity-driven strategies to systemic problems.

Creed is a strategic partner. Culturally Responsive Education Equity Design (CREED), our transformation framework, is designed to support the development of collaborative, strength-based, and culturally responsive learning environments that optimize student learning and student achievement in schools and districts. CREED empowers our collaborative partners to create exemplary environments for learning, committed family and community partnerships, and outstanding student outcomes.  This framework is also utilized to design collective impact strategies in other sectors and areas of need.


The Creed community of nationally recognized expert educators provides technical assistance and rigorous learning opportunities that transform beliefs, practices, and structures with the higher goal of transformed learning outcomes and life experiences for children and youth.  Our team brings a variety of expertise to our work including research, equity, and root-cause analysis, gifted education, culturally responsive education, cognition and learning, systems thinking, culture and climate, and Common Core Content Standards (CCCS).  Our consultants have been teachers, principals, district and non-profit leaders, and researchers. 

Meet Our Leaders

Lauren Wells
Lauren Wells, Ph.D.

Lauren Wells, Ph.D. is an educator, researcher, and community organizer whose work centers on comprehensive, systemic, culturally responsive, and collaborative approaches to change in schools and communities.

Founder and President
Jhanae Wingfield
Clifford Thompson
Clifton J. Thompson, III

Clifton J. Thompson, III has been an educator for 23 years with 9 years as a classroom teacher and 14 as a school administrator.

How We Work with Partners

The Creed methodology called, Culturally Responsive Education and Equity Design (CREED), is used to carry out our work with our partners.  CREED is built on three pillars: Collective Planning, Collective Context, and Collective Purpose. In education, these pillars work together to assist schools and districts to systemically redesign education to meet the specific needs of their students, educators, and community in the 21st century.  In other fields, our pillars support needs assessment, program development, program implementation, internal evaluation, and strategic planning for our partners.

This pillar localizes the process to the particular strengths, needs, and aspirations of our partners and the communities where they work.
This pillar defines the shared vision, plans, and actions generated through intentionally guiding our partners through assessment and planning that is situated in their lived realities.
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