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Working alongside educators and communities to ignite learning conditions where genius is ablaze.

About CREED Strategies

Creed Strategies is a boutique consulting group with diverse experts serving school districts, non-profits, government agencies, private entities, and philanthropy. Creed is dedicated to enhancing social transformation through an educational, racial justice, and collectivist approach to development, collaboration, and capacity building. Specializing in culturally responsive approaches to systemic change, Creed works with our partners to identify and develop sustainable equity-driven strategies for systemic problems.

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"Creed Strategies combines a culturally relevant and research-driven approach to the transformation of schools and communities with a deeply embedded love for justice and respect for the voice of all stakeholders. They bring out the best in both people and systems. This is why communities trust them and leaders need them."

~Non-Profit Leader~

Creed Spotlight

Racial Equity and Victoria Foundation

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